(Please select which flavor you would like, the VG/PG ratio, and the nicotine strength in the comments section of the checkout page - standard VG/PG ratio will be 70/30 if not selected)


Karma (Orange pineapple strawberry)

Karma v2(regular karma with a shot of sweet tangerine)

Karma Candy (karma and Cactus candy mixture)

Cackeyedjack (Cactus jackfruit)

Kraken Kaktus (cactus jackfruit with a prominent sweetness)

Kaktos (cactus Jackfruit great for dripping)

Pink Lemonade (Raspberry Lemon)

Zeuz Jeuz (Nectarine pagaya Dulce de leche butter scotch custard)

Gushed (Strawberry grape gushers candy)

Bloodbath (orange pineapple strawberry)

Pinkman (grapefruit lemon watermelon with a dewy undertone)

Bubblegum Ice-cream Cone

WTF Watermelon

Rem Cream

Unicorn Cream

Rock Reserve (banana cream Peanut butter ice-cream custard)

Stay Puft (Strawberry marshmallow)

Oreo (with or without mint)

Pineapple (pineapple crush like flavor)

Crunch (perfectly balanced simulated crunch berries)

Blue Razz Bitch (Blue raspberry jolly rancher candy)

Blackberry Cherry (blackberry cherry sweetness)

Mudders Milk (Strawberry’s layered with multiple creams)

Berry Good Yogurt (Blueberry Greek yogurt)

Thug Juice (Grape watermelon cotton candy with a coolness effect)

Grapple (grape apple)

Get Glazed (Glazed Donut)

Rice Crisps (Rice Crispy Squares)

Baja Blast (Berry Dew Soda)

Ohm Flakes (Sugared Corn Flakes)

Mint Choc (mint chocolate chip ice-cream)

Fuzzy Peach (Peach Candy)

Mr. Purply (Grape dip stick like flavor)

Loops (Creamy milky fruit loops)

Scream (Strawberries and cream with a coconut undertone)

Caribbean Cactus (Pinacolada like with an undertone of cactus)

MF’n Freeze (Strawberry pineapple kiwi)

Our Creator (Simulated Pina colada like flavor)

Fruitrolly (Tastes like a fruit roll up)

Blitz berries (Tastes like a berry flavored juice box)

Good Morning (Caramel Macchiato)

Strolly (Strawberry Jolly Hard Candy)

Strogurt (strawberry creamy yogurt)

Tangerine Custard (a well-balanced Custard with that sweet shot of tangerine)

Double Bubble (just like the gum)

BBCC (blueberry cotton candy)

My Buddy (Neapolitan Ice-cream)

Sugar Cookie Custard (cinnamon sugar cookie custard)

Vapeverine (Orange cream sickle)

Pink Cactus (Pink lemonade with a very small undertone of cactus which makes this flavor unique)

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