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The Arizer Extreme Q (Q =Quiet) Vaporizer is the successor to the Extreme Vaporizer and was launched by its Canadian producers, Arizer. Peppered with a total of 27 updates, the Extreme Q (the newest and latest model) clearly improves upon the success of its predecessor. Plus, with its groovy new Midnight Chrome finish, it is just gorgeous to look at.

In particular, the Extreme Q impresses with its much lower noise levels compared to its predecessors, utilizing as it does a new quieter fan, operated completely by a digital remote control for your convenience. The previous models all operated on a balloon whip system with a noisy fan that upset users ? well, this is no longer an issue, guys. With this new, super-efficient, super-quiet fan, your vaping experience will be as quiet as a mouse.  Plus, the decreased noise levels mean that the Arizer Extreme Q consumes up to 50% less power than its predecessor. Result!

The Extreme Q comes equipped with a crisp LED display for temperature regulation, a precision feature that allows you to digitally set the desired temperature at anything between 50 to 260 degrees Celsius, which is just perfect for any interesting herb or essential oils you might want to vaporize.

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